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Labels or screen printing? 

This is a common question among our customers. Labels give you the flexibility to work with multiple cosmetic products (references). With screen printing, you will have to determine in advance how many of a certain product/reference  you want. This means therefore extra storage of already printed jars. The costs for screen printing rise sharply with multiple references. Nevertheless, screen printing is certainly possible, if you prefer this option for your jars.

Would you like to order full colour labels?

A label is ideal for a start-up company or the launch of a new product. We offer our customers the option of ordering labels with the correct dimensions, starting from 500 pieces. Most pots are not 100% cylindrical; instead, they are slightly conical (1 - 1.5 degrees), which makes it very important to use the correct dimensions for a good result. A rectangular label will not give you the desired result. We will make sure your label fits perfectly on whichever jar you choose.
With us, you do not have to pay additional tool costs (for cutting shapes).
Given our close cooperation with a reputable label manufacturer, we can offer you interesting conditions.

How can I order my labels?

The labels are currently only available for the Evyta jars.
If you would like a quote for a different product, please let us know. 
You provide us with the design for your label - or, if desired, we can also do this for you at additional cost.
The price for this is: 350 euros per label design + (warping and prepress costs per design is 100 Euro) = 450 Euro
You must provide all text and logos in a high resolution (bitmap Photoshop files 1200 dpi).
For the design, we call on a professional designer who knows all the materials.
We produce a preliminary design in consultation with yourself. After you approve this, the labels will be printed.
The delivery time for printing the labels is on average 1 to 2 weeks.
Rates for 4 colour labels + varnish
Material: PP
Rates below are excluding costs of design (350 Euro) and prepress costs + warping (deforming text to curve) per design. (100 euro)


Aantal Evyta 15 ml Evyta 30 mlEvyta 50 ml Evyta 100 ml Evyta 250 ml 
500 st 0,788 Euro/st.0,788 Euro/st. 0,788 Euro/st. 0,800 Euro/st. 0,82 Euro/stuk 
750 st 0,5620,5620,5620,5710,58 Euro/stuk 
1.500 st0,3060,3060,3060,3110,318 Euro/stuk
3.000 st 0,1800,1800,1800,1830,187 Euro/stuk 
5.000 st 0,1300,1300,1300,1320,135 Euro/stuk
10.000 st 0,0970,0970,0970,099

0,10 Euro/stuk