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1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 How much does freight shipping cost ?

Freight costs to Belgium

Transport free of charge for orders > 500 Euro. 
1 box : 6 Euro 
2 boxes : 12 Euro 
3 boxes: 18 Euro
4 boxes : 24 Euro 
5 boxes : 30 Euro 
6 boxes : 36 Euro 

Freight costs to the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg

Transport is free of charge for orders >  1700 Euro. 
1 box : 15 Euro 
2 boxes : 30 Euro 
3 boxes: 45 Euro
4 boxes : 60 Euro 
5 boxes : 75 Euro 
6 boxes : 90 Euro 
7 boxes : 105 Euro 

Freight cost to France, Denmark and Austria.  

Transport free of charge for orders > 2500 Euro. 
1 box : 28 Euro 
2 boxes : 40 Euro 
3 boxes: 60 Euro
4 boxes : 80 Euro 
5 boxes : 150 Euro 

Freight costs to England, Italy and Poland.

Transport free of charge for orders > 2500 Euro. 
1 box : 30 Euro 
2 boxes : 60 Euro 
3 boxes: 90 Euro
4 boxes : 120 Euro 
5 boxes : 150 Euro
6 boxes : 180 Euro 

Please contact us for the shipping cost - when shipping as a pallet this could be cheaper. (depending on your location) 

1.2 Can I come and collect my order?

You are always welcome to come and collect your order yourself. Call or email us in advance to make an appointment. The freight costs will then be deducted or refunded by means of transfer.

1.3 Is it possible to order the jars or lids in a different color?

As a manufacturer, we have the ability to make jars and lids according to your colour specification. You must take into account a minimum purchase of 10,000 - 50,000 pieces + possible colour switching costs. Everything is possible. Contact us for more information.

1.4 Is it possible to order a new mold for a new jar?

Yes, this is possible. As you know 'The Jarfactory' is a division of IIP. This company has over 35 years of experience in the manufacture of moulds. Check the Our Production page for more information or contact us.

1.5 Personalizing the jars by means of various printing techniques.

We offer you the opportunity to personalize the jars you order from us. The techniques we offer are hot foil stamping, screen printing, pad printing and digital printing (UV printing).

Note: we only print the pots of the Luxan series with screen printing and foil printing. In principle, the pots made in PP (Polypropylene) do not print. The reason is that the surface of these types of pots needs to be pretreated. The minimum purchase for printing the pots is 500 pieces with foil stamping.

1.6 Can I combine different products, in order to get to the minimum number?

If this concerns one and the same pot, this is possible (for example 4 x 125 pieces), but there will be a surcharge for making the sieve or stamp (foil stamping). The surcharge for screen printing is 100 Euro per reference / product. Contact us for the rates for printing our jars.

1.7 Is it correct that only the pots made in SAN or SMMA are printed?

This is correct, as this material does not need to be pre-treated. So we only print the jars of the Luxan series with screen printing and foil printing. The other jars (such as DuoLine and Standard series) are made of PP. We can provide the lids of the PP jars with a metallic logo, but only the flat lids.

1.8 I wish to order larger quantities, is that possible?

As a producer you can of course contact us for both small and large numbers. Please use the form for this, stating the desired quantity per order (and on an annual basis if applicable).

For any questions, it is best to contact us by telephone on +32 52 42 33 19.

1.9 What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantities to be ordered varies per reference and can be found in our webshop. Smaller numbers than these are unfortunately not possible. The minimum billing amount is 100 Euro.

1.10 Can I order some samples for free?

It is possible to order samples (three) of our jars by simply sending an email. Please use the form on the right for this. If you have registered you can use the wish list. We can then see which samples you want exactly via your account> wishlist.

1.11 What is the delivery term?

We have a permanent stock of most products, so orders are shipped within 48 hours. If this is not possible, you will be informed of the expected delivery period within 24 hours.

1.12 What if I am not satisfied with the goods delivered?

If you are not satisfied with the delivered goods, you have the option to return them within 14 days of purchase. Goods must be returned in the original packaging. Used goods cannot be taken back. The costs for returning the goods are at the expense of the sender.

Goods that have been delivered damaged must be reported by email within 24 hours of delivery.